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Many of the participants in the DefinitiveDatabase™ offer opt-in email and/or phone numbers. When used in conjunction with the unrivaled postal lists offered by The DefinitiveDatabase™ these opt-in email and telemarketing lists can deliver truly extraordinary results. Phone numbers are available on a case by case basis for either straight telemarketing or for a multi-channel project. For additional information on email lists, please see below.

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Many mailing lists offer phone numbers in addition to postal addresses and email addresses.  Telemarketing is a powerful tool, that when used effectively offers marketers an exceptional opportunity to generate qualified leads for their products and services.  For even stronger results, try combining a telemarketing follow-up to your postal or email campaigns.  This "multi-channel" strategy offers the optimal potential to your direct marketing initiatives.

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Choose from the highest quality Business to Business and Information Technology Email lists available! The professionals on these business email lists have given their permission to receive information and offers via email from third parties.  These email lists are predominately from current subscribers/attendees from the world's most highly respected trade publications and business to business events.  Select the specific lists most appropriate to your product or service.  Email lists are available for most niche markets to significantly broader markets.

For the highest quality B-to-B and Information Technology opt-in email lists available, please contact our affiliate company, L.I.S.T. Incorporated. Please call us at 516-227-2010 or Click Here for more information on how we can help make your next email campaign more successful!

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